Power Distribution Board

I created this power supply after building a Trogotronic M15 system. It is based on the same idea of chaining two 12V DC bricks in series to provide bipolar 12V and regulating the +12V rail to provide +5V as necessary. I disliked the layout of the M15 system and figured I would correct my gripes in this design. It may not be perfect, but if you want perfect, you'd probably be using a linear supply. These boards can act as bus boards for other supplies. Just connect +/-12V and ground to the proper headers on one of the screw terminals and you're good to go.



  • Very high current ceiling, just attach more AC-DC bricks if you need more juice

  • Low profile, about as skinny as it can get without having headers hanging off the edge

  • Cheap, the main cost is the AC-DC bricks you plug in to it.



  • Optimize layout for lowest resistance possible

  • Swap screw terminals out for something a bit less fiddly


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