As I progress in my college career, I have had far less time to work on new designs. As a result, I am putting more emphasis on projects I do outside of audio, including things that are not related to electronics. I continue to support existing products and will be keeping my storefront open for the foreseeable future.

What’s Changed?

New Site

The cost of hosting my site on Wix was getting to be a bit too much, so welcome to the new WordPress site.

New Model

In an effort to decrease the upfront costs of running MMI, all orders from here on will be built-to-order. Expect 1-2 weeks wait before shipment.

Same Direction

The primary job of this site is to act as a living resume. I will be posting about projects and ideas as I work on them.

Site is under construction

Sorry for the rough edges, I am working on this site in my spare time but I hope to have it up to date soon.