Attenuverting Multiple

Attenumults was the very first MMI module. It is intended to be an expander for function generators like Maths or Rampage, allowing one signal to be split 4 ways and driven in different directions. It can be of great use in a system with few modulation sources. PCBs can be found on Pusherman and Modular Addict. Files are available on Github.


8x Mixing Attenuverter

Octaverter was built to handle attenuation for my entire system. This project went through a record number of revisions due to my indecisiveness and I eventually got bored of working on the same thing all the time. Files are available for this module if you are interested in building it or making your own design.


Dual 4:1 Precision Adder

Planks is a slim and simple dual precision adder. It allows you to add two quantized values together and output the expected sum with very little drift. Perfect for making a third sequence by adding two separate ones up. Planks can also act as a DC-coupled unity gain mixer for audio and CV.


Ultra Compact Attenuator

Quick Mix (QM) is named as such because this project was intended to be quick. There are no active components, just 6 pots, 11 jacks, and 5 resistors. This gets you 5 individual attenuators and with a mix output in 4hp. Although amplitude can drop rather drastically through the mix output, it is easily amplified elsewhere in the rack.


Power Distribution Board

I created this power supply after building a Trogotronic M15 system. It is based on the same idea of chaining two 12V DC bricks in series to provide bipolar 12V and regulating the +12V rail to provide +5V as necessary. I disliked the layout of the M15 system and figured I would correct my gripes in this design. It may not be perfect, but if you want perfect, you’d probably be using a linear supply. These boards can act as bus boards for other supplies. Just connect +/-12V and ground to the proper headers on one of the screw terminals and you’re good to go.