10 Channel Interpolating Scanner

Scandeck was built to pick up where Two Nine Five left off. Featuring 10 linearized V2164-based VCAs, Scandeck can operate as both a VCA bank and an interpolating scanner. Cycle between 10 different sound or modulation sources, make a primitive sequencer, or pair it up with a Two Nine Five for spectral sweeps and complex timbres.


Seamlessly Scan Between 10 Inputs

Variable scan width and center enable smooth transitions between every channel individually or in groups
All analog design allows easy use of audio-rate modulation for sonic destruction


Special Thanks To HollaSynth

Much of Scandeck’s core architecture was designed with help from HollaSynth. A portion of every purchase supports HollaSynth directly


CV Bypass and External Input

Scandeck is designed to directly expand Two Nine Five. A mini ribbon connector on the back of the module can be used to pre-patch all ten filter bank channels to the inputs of Scandeck, decreasing cable clutter.
Each VCA can be controlled via an external signal, bypassing the scanning control for that channel.


Peak Current

  • 284mA +12V
  • 184mA -12V
  • 0mA 5V

Like what you see?

Scandeck is available on a built-to-order basis and fulfilled via Reverb
Please allow 1-2 weeks for your module to be constructed, we will keep you updated as it is built
Orders outside of North America will be built and fulfilled via an approved builder
Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions

$499 MSRP