All projects shown here are focused on general electronics and are not intended to be used in an audio synthesizer environment. Do not take these designs as finished products. Some have flaws and I will explain known issues to the best of my ability.

SteamVR Finger Tracking Glove

This glove is being used as a hands-on method to learn the SteamVR and OpenXR environments for hardware development. The glove will integrate directly with SteamVR tracking and will eventually be capable of tracking finger flexion and splay independently to increase immersion and facilitate social interaction.

Hummingbird Headphones

Replicating the Valve Hummingbird headphones presented in their ear speaker documentation. This project recycles the speakers from my old Valve Index HMD, turning them in to general-purpose headphones.

Function Generator

Produces a sine, square, and triangle capable of +/- 10Vpp and 50mA source/sink. Sine wave THD ~2%.
Pulse output provides 0-12Vpk pulses with 70ns rise/fall times. Capable of 200mA source/sink.

Laser Tracking Servo

Utilizing a PID loop to have a laser pointer track the center of a solar cell several feet away.

Switch-Mode Power Supply

An attempt at building a regulated switching power supply.

PID Motor Controller

Using PID to regulate the speed and torque of brushed DC motor.

Discrete Linear Regulator

A discrete linear regulator utilizing a TIP35C pass transistor. Capable of 1.86% line/load regulation and 50% efficiency. Active current limiting at 2A output current.

PLL Exploration

Implementations of the CD4046 PLL and phase detection.

Triac Exploration

Focused on the BT139 Triac. Included in various implementations such as opto-isolation and off-line digital electronics