Here lies the modules who made the cut and are being offered as commercial products. Interested in getting your hands on some? Get in contact!


10-Channel Interpolating Scanner

You can finally have enough VCAs.
Scandeck was built to pick up where Two Nine Five left off. Featuring 10 linearized V2164-based VCAs, Scandeck can operate as both a VCA bank and an interpolating scanner. Cycle between 10 different sound or modulation sources, make a primitive sequencer, or pair it up with a Two Nine Five for spectral sweeps and complex timbres.


10-Channel Resonant Comb Filter

Two Nine Five is a direct descendant of the Buchla Model 295. A fixed filter bank by design, it features a highpass, lowpass, and 8 resonant bandpass filters with center frequencies tuned to the discrimination curve of the human ear. Individual outs on the right allow you to send bands out for external processing while the SUM out lets you mix every band down to one signal.


Low Cost PSU

USB Power is a significantly improved version of Tom Whitwell’s Stupid USB Power. With an increased power envelope, you can bring a capable modular system with you just about anywhere.